South Crete - Sfakia - frangokastello

frangokastello is located in the region of Sfakia on the island of Crete. The region of Sfakia is a very laid back region on Crete which has conserved its own culture and genuine charisma. In this region you can find pristine villages like frangokastello still living the traditional Crete way of life. frangokastello in Southern Crete, is a beautiful spot which is still untroubled by mass tourism.

The castle in frangokastello and the myth of Drosoulites

  frangokastello is located in Southern Crete about 15km. East of Sfakia. The castle of frangokastello was built by the Venetians at the 14th century.. 

In 1770, the Cretan rebel Ioannis Vlachos, otherwise known as Daskalogiannis, was captured at frangokastello by Turkish forces. He was later tortured and executed at Heraklion.

frangokastello - South Crete frangokastello - South Crete frangokastello - South Crete

On 17 May 1828 a celebrated battle was fought at Frangokastello. Hundreds of Sfakiots and Epirotes led by Hatzimichalis Dalianis, a Greek patriot from Epirus attempting to spread the Greek War of Independence from the mainland to Crete, occupied the castle, but were besieged by the Turks and massacred. However, many of the Turks were then themselves killed by rebel ambushes launched from the local gorges. According to tradition, around the anniversary of the battle each May, shadows of the armed Cretan and Epirote soldiers who lost their lives there seem to march towards the fortress around dawn. These are called Drosoulites, or dew-men, and have been explained as a meteorological phenomenon.

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