Flisvos - frangokastello


Welcome to South Crete and the beautiful frangokastello

In Crete, there is a beautiful place that has not been degraded by the mass tourism yet.. It is called frangokastello...

frangokastello is one from the most beautiful and the most romantic destinations that Southern Crete has to demonstrate..

Right next to the blue sea and the majestic frangokastello of Southern Crete, lies the newly built guest house, Flisvos. Flisvos apartments are the best destination for your relaxed vacations in Crete.

Flisvos is the ideal place for your vacations if you love natural beauty, relaxed vacations far away from the croud and mass tourism, virgin beaches and if you are interested in activities such as hiking,mountain biking, mountain climping, diving and fishing..



Enjoy your family vacations at Flisvos Apartments

At Flisvos Apartments you can find 20 fully equipped rooms with their own autonomous bathroom.The two-bed rooms have their own balcony. The table and the chairs that you will find in each balcony will help you relax reading your favorite book, enjoy the romantic sunsets or simply by hearing the sound of the sea.Flisvos in frangokastello is an ideal place for family vacations.